Famous Movie Quotes

“There’s no rule that says a blowfish can’t play Olympic ice hockey!”
—Introducing the Doll From Mount Olympus!

“Ow, my hinder!”
—Look Out For the Gravity Snowman From the Unknown: A Musical

“Look, I only did it because I liked it so much.”
—The Rabid Confused Skate Perverts From Purgatory

“You are too cruel, masters. Is not laughter one’s last refuge? Would you kick down a beggar’s shelter or grind his mouldy bread into the dirt?”
—The Lumpy Eight-Foot Hurricane

“I hold vengeance in my left hand and mercy in my right. Who shall give either except that I grant it?”
—Escape From The Savage Syntho-Bastards

“If I wanted to see something that blatantly violated basic reason, I’d watch reality.”
—Monday of the The Luscious Snake, Part III

“I’ve never been happier to see a dodecahedron in all my life!”
—The Cannibal Love of Science

“Dream messenger! You’d sooner find a flying horse than a reliable one of their lot!”
—Bride of the Schizoid Emperor From Hyperspace

“The dull habit, the small and the base, filling all corners of the world, like a heavy atmosphere clouding around everything great, casts itself as a barrier, deceiving, dampening and suffocating along the road which greatness has to go toward immortality. This way, however, leads through human minds! Through the minds of anxious and short-lived animals, who always come back to the same needs and who with difficulty postpone their destruction for a little while. As a first priority they want only one thing: to live at any price. Who might suppose among them the difficult torch race of monumental history, through which alone greatness lives once more! Nevertheless, a few of them always wake up again, those who, by a look back at past greatness and strengthened by their observation, feel so blessed, as if the life of human beings is a beautiful thing, as if it is indeed the most beautiful fruit of this bitter plant to know that in earlier times once one man went through this existence proud and strong, another with profundity, a third with pity and a desire to help–all however leaving behind one teaching: that the person lives most beautifully who does not reflect upon existence.”
—Conquest of the Licentious Piranha-People

—Land of the Salmon From the Unknown

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